Grow your business with software professionals

Devoted and driven, we make world-class software with limitless enthusiasm.

At Formbound we develop software services for both end consumers and clients. We move efficiently towards our goals, using powerful technologies to create the very best user experience possible. We are specialists in UX-design, app development, back-end development and, cloud infrastructure.

What we do


  • Ideation
  • Roadmap
  • Business data


  • Concept development
  • UX design
  • Animation


  • Native app development
  • Server-side development
  • DevOps & cloud infrastructure


  • Log management
  • Monitoring
  • Business intelligence

We have a holistic approach

Viewing product development as one seamless process of multiple combined efforts, we always work with every step in mind, trying to pave the way for the best product possible. Additionally, our philosophy is that everything we create has both intermediate and end users, and that a happy chain of users is essential to an outstanding product.

Whether we create a RESTful API for app developers, or the app itself, the quality of the work in either field will affect the end-user experience greatly.

Our technology, available for everyone

We are deeply committed to open source development. By investing aggressively in technology we believe in, we make sure to stay in control over our own tools, while at the same time leveraging the power of the open-source community. We stay close to the metal, always seeking to improve quality and performance of the tools we develop and use.

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Quantified strength training

Sidekick is a workout log and fitness tracker that accompanies users on a marathon of strength progression.


Sidekick is available for purchase in the AppStore.